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Ken Keiser
qualifications summary

Ken Keiser possesses over 20 years of successful experience in many industries in the process control domain.  

From continuous to batch, Ken has produced demonstration and simulation control configurations on Fischer & Porter, Bailey, and ABB control systems.  Ken was one of the first to introduce Fischer & Porter's Chemflex batch language to the specialty chemical and Pharmaceutical industries.  Ken also produced boiler, distillation, and dissolved oxygen demonstrations for Fischer & Porter's DCI product line and migrated those programs to Bailey's Symphony, and ABB's Industrial IT product lines.  

Ken also has extensive experience with a Manufacturers Representative organization when he was the technical liaison between Fischer & Porter's System organization and the Representatives.  

Ken is also an expert in the Water and Waste Water marketplace and applications after working for more than 10 years in technical and commercial sales support for the ABB Water Automation division.

No matter what the industry, Ken can help you with Sales, Sales support and technical sales assistance in process control or any other higher technology field.

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