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Bailey Migration
Bailey Migration

Migration from Bailey Infi-90 or Net-90 is easy with Siemens PCS 7 Migration Products

First:  Use a standard CIU to connect a new PCS 7 OS Server to the existing Bailey Infi-90 or Net-90 system.
Second: Use the standard Siemens Migration Product to Migrate Tag names from the Bailey Infi-90 system (OIS 42 for example) to PCS 7 / 90 OS.
Third: Use It!  The PCS 7 / 90 OS is now ready to operate and empower operators to control Bailey Infi-90 points from the PCS 7  / 90 OS system.
You also have the ability to migrate graphics from your Infi-90 System to PCS 7.

Click Here for more information about the Bailey Migration Products from Siemens

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