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Shuttle Atlantis taking off over the moon and Tomorrow Land.


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Grace on the Carousel

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Mommy and Gracie on the Dumbo ride!

Day 1 of the adventure

Jeanne and Grace lifted off from Philadelphia International Airport and flew to Orlando with no problems.  Ken met them at the airport after already checking in at the Fort Wilderness    Campground.  We are staying in a cabin.

As soon as we got the rental car, we went straight to the Magic kingdom where we ate dinner. 

As we were going towards the castle, after dinner, we noticed everyone looking towards the east.  We couldn't figure it out until we noticed what looked like a single firework.  Then we realized it was the SPACE SHUTTLE taking off!

After that excitement, we went on the carousel and the dumbo ride.  Then it was time for the real fireworks, and back to the car.


Gracie fell asleep on the boat ride to the parking area but by the time we got back to the cabin she was wide awake for the 11:00 news.




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