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We started off with trying to figure out how to get to the Magic Kingdom (MK) from the Fort Wilderness Campground.  As we left the campground there was a sign that said to turn RIGHT.  So we did.  When we got to a dead end, we had to turn RIGHT again because it was a one-way street.  We could see the entrance to the Magic Kingdom parking on our left, but we couldn't GO LEFT!  We continued on, looking for signs that said "Magic Kingdom" but we found none.   We eventually got to an intersection where on the right, left, and center, it said Authorized vehicles only.  We had to make a U-turn and figure out where we went wrong.  We finally returned to the campground and took the boat to the Magic Kingdom.  

When we asked one of the "cast" members how to get to the MK from the Fort Wilderness (FW) area, he said: "Turn right out of FW and follow the signs."  We told him we did that but then he said, "Oh yeah, follow the sign that says 'Other guest services".  Oh how obvious -- how did we miss that?

tigger1.jpg (95083 bytes)
Mommy and Grace with (near) Tigger

inline.jpg (99348 bytes)
Grace learning the fine art of waiting in line.

cinder1.jpg (119159 bytes)
Grace hugging Cinderella

cinder2.jpg (132683 bytes)
More Cinderella

cinder3.jpg (117671 bytes)
Cinderella getting on the floor with Grace

cinder4.jpg (127259 bytes)
Grace with her 'Princess Hat" with Cinderella!




Day 2 of the adventure

We got to the Magic Kindom (MK) by boat, which was a very pleasant way to get there.

One of the first characters we saw was TIGGER!   However, Grace was a little shy about the big tigger and mommy had to hold her.

Then we went on the carousel, and then off to Mickey's Toon Town Fair where we made Grace's week when we were able to meet CINDERELLA!!!!!!  That is all Grace has been asking about since we arrived -- "Where is Cinderella?   When are we going to see Cinderella???"  (Over and over again.)

After that it was time for lunch in tomorrow land.

Then a good after-lunch type ride on "It's a Small World". 

Then we used our FAST PASS at the Pooh ride.  The Fast Pass really works!  We got right on the ride with NO WAITING!  It's too bad you can only use it one ride at a time. Grace LOVED this ride.

Then we went back to toon-town to catch the train back to Main Street.  We caught it just in time and we were at the station on the second floor, just above the parade, and just in time to see Cinderella again.  She leads the parade through the Magic Kingdom.

Grace was getting tired by this time (4:00pm) and we headed out to get our boat back to the Fort Wilderness Campground.

When we got there Grace had a great time on the playground equipment.  There is a neat sliding board that is made out of the kind of rollers you see at the end of x-ray machines at airports for your baggage to slide easily.  But she would only slide down with daddy.  She also liked  the "telephone".  The telephone was really just a tube that went from one end of the playground to the other.  It was about 4 feet off the ground and shaped like a megaphone at both ends. You could hear the person talking at the other end and of course you could talk to them.  Grace sang the "I love you" song from Barney.

We had dinner planned for the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue and Grace really loved the beginning.  Unfortunately, she fell asleep halfway through -- even though there was much hooping and dooing going on.  We got her back to our cabin by walking and pushing the stroller on only it's back wheels so Grace would be in a prone position.  She was still asleep when we got the cabin. 



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mice.jpg (106823 bytes)

Jeanne with Cinderella's Mice

shy1b.jpg (62451 bytes)

Grace keeping her distance from Cinderella's Mice.

slide1.jpg (115981 bytes)

Grace on the sliding board

slide2a.jpg (137688 bytes)

Grace on the slide with Daddy.

hoop1.jpg (85630 bytes)

Daddy and Grace at the Hoop-Dee-Doo

hoop2a.jpg (26052 bytes)

The end of a very big day.

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