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Bear in the Big Blue House show at Disney MGM Studios park


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50's Prime Time Cafe


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Grace Taking a lemonade break at MGM.


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Our walk to the playground at the Fort Wilderness Campground cabin area




Day 4 of the adventure

We got an early start to get to MGM studios today. MGM Day. We went first to the Muppets 3D show.  We didn't stand in any line and went straight to the pre-show area with all of the television monitors.  The only problem with the show was that Grace refused to wear the 3D glasses!

Then we went to the Bear in the Big Blue House show.   We didn't stand in line very long (about 5 minutes) but it was uncertain whether we would get in or not.  But we DID get in and saw a typically Bear in the Big Blue House Show.  We sang and danced and had a good time

We got Fastpasses for the Little Mermaid show and went to see Woody and Buzz who were signing autographs at Al's Toy Barn.  In 20 minutes we went right into the Little Mermaid show   Since Grace had never seen the Little Mermaid movie, she was a little uncertain about the story line.  But at least she wasn't scared.

We had time to spend in one of the shops before it was time for our priority seating reservation at the 50's Prime Time Cafe.  This is a restaurant were you are treated like you are 10 years old and your fellow diners are your cousins (or sometimes your brothers & sisters).  The waitstaff act like your mother and make sure your elbows are not on the table and that you clean your plate.   The whole thing was lost on Grace of course.

It was getting late and Mommy and Mom-mom wanted to go on the Great Movie Ride while Grace and Daddy took a break in the shade.

We left MGM around 2:00pm and before we could clear the parking lot, Grace was asleep in the car.  We dropped Mom-mom off at the budget rent-a-car so she could go to her sales meeting in Tampa and then I dropped Jeanne off at Downtown Disney so she could shop.  Grace and I drove back to the campground.   Grace actually slept for 2 full hours.

Around 5:00pm Grace and Daddy went to the playground and at 7:30 we headed off to the campfire program.  The "campfire" consisted of a stage with a lone guitar player strumming out disney favorites with which everyone could sing along, Two small fires to roast marshmallows (or anything else you want to roast), and a snack stand where one can purchase marshmallows and sticks!  Chip&Dale also show up to sign autographs, etc.  At 8:10, the singing stops and the movie begins.   Tonight was Toy Story (the 1st one).  But Grace only wanted to stay for about 20 minutes.  She was happy that Daddy bought her a Pooh flashlight (the kind with colorful fiber optic lines comming out of Pooh's head). 

Since Grace had a good nap, she decided to stay up till 11:30PM.

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