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Un-official Ocean View Campground Information

This page has information about Ocean View Campground!

Note: Ocean View Campground is now known as Ocean View Resort Campground.

2555 Route 9
PO BOX 607
Ocean View, New Jersey 08230

Telephone: (609) 624 1675 (primarily for information and reservations)

Remember, If someone needs to get in contact with you, Ocean View will take a message (on Paper!) and hand deliver it to you at some time in the future.
This is their policy if the message is an emergency. _ If the message is not an emergency, the message will be kept at the office and it is up to you to go to the office and check to see if you have any mail.
This may or may not be what you want. _ You can also use your cell phone (and keep it on for incoming calls) or get a phone hookup at your site.

Note: unlike a hotel/motel, where a friend can visit you in your hotel room without having to "check-in" at the front desk or pay anything at all, Ocean View charges your friend to visit you at your site.

Do you want to see a map of the actual campground ... I mean ...Resort roads and sites?_ Download the map! _ This map may not be easy to read, and may take a while to download, but it's the best I can do for now.

This is a thumbnail of the map.
If you click on it, you will get the large size one downloaded in zip format.

Map of the Campground
(The above link will give you the map on a new page -- no download)

Here is the official Ocean View Resort Campground web page: Their Home Page or Their new home page

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