Hike ideas

White Mountain Hike:

Day 1:  Travel, Stay at Pinkham or B&B
Day 2:  Lonesome Lake Trail, Stay at Lonesome Lake Hut. B1
Day 3:  Lonesome Lake Trail Down, Bridle Path to Greenleaf, Stay at Greenleaf Hut. C4
Day 4:  Greenleaf to Galehead, Stay at Galehead. E8
Day 5:  Galehead to Zealand, Stay at Zealand. D7
Day 6: Zealand to out., Stay in Motel/B&B. A3
Day 7:  Travel.

Day 6:  Zealand to Crawford via A-Z., Crawford path to Mizpah., Stay at Mizpah. D5
Day 7: Mizpah to Lakes.  Side trip to Mt Washington.  Stay at Lakes. C5
Day 8: Down Ammonusic ravine trail, travel, stay at motel/B&B. D3
Day 9: Travel.

Day 1: Travel, Stay at Pinkham or B&B
Day 2: Ammonusic to Lakes, Stay at Lakes. side trip to MT. Wash. D3
Day 3: Lakes to Madison, Stay at Madison. C8
Day 4: Madison to Pinkham via Osgood trail (AT), stay at Pinkham. E8
Day 5: Travel.

Day 5: Crawford to Zealand (A-Z), Stay at Zealand. C3
Day 6: Zealand to road, travel. A3

A: Easy.  Some tourist could do it in sneakers.
B: Moderate up or down no more than 500 feet.
C: Average up and Down no more than 1500 feet.
D: Difficult up or down no more than 2500 feet.
E: Strenuous up or down no more than 3500 feet.
F: Very Strenuous up or down no less than 3500 feet.
Length:  number equals miles rounded up.
For example, Zealand road to Zealand hut would be A3 or A4
From pinkham to the top of Mount Washington would be: F5
Bridle Path from I-93 to Greenleaf would be D3

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