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Here are some photos of past hikes

Photo of Dick Thompson, Bob Walker, and Ken Keiser

Dick Thompson, Bob Walker, and Ken Keiser at Franconia Notch Parking Lot, New Hampshire, c.1988.

Photo of hiking group, Carter Notch Hut, New Hampshire, summer 1987.

Group in front of Carter Notch Sleeping Hut, New Hampshire, Summer 1987.

Photo of group singing around the organ

Hiking group signing around the pump organ at Mizpah Spring Hut, New Hampshire, c.1988.
Left to right: Bob Walker, Ken Keiser (at the organ) Bob Fink (face is barely seen) Joe Schmid, Dick Thompson.

Photo of dinner time at Mizpah Spring Hut, c. 1988.

Dinner at Mizpah Spring Hut, New Hampshire, c.1988
Left side, left to right: Dick Thompson, Joe Schmid, Charlie Cianfrani, Ken Keiser.
Right side, left to right: Bob Walker, Art Slomine, Bob Fink.

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